Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CAREER ADVISE: How To Get Promoted Easily?

21st of May 2012 – 14th of August 2012

Total time: 2 Months & 24 Days

It is just 7 days to go before the time reach 3 months. So what is so special after this 3 months? Well, actually it will be the time that I will get the confirmation status of my job at my new work place – MIE. By that time, I can expect some increment in my basic salary. This is really long-awaited by me because with my current (non-confirm salary) which the Nett pay is very low compared to my previous Nett pay at ex-company, it giving me a hard life out here. 

I got debts to pay. I need money to buy/rent house, broadband, etc. I need money to settle my education loan. I need money to buy groceries and perhaps some good foods. And not to forget the saving for my wedding.  Yet the most important – a little appreciation towards my mom. U see? Well, I am not going to announce how much I get but that’s the situation I am living now. So maybe after confirmation it could solve some of those money issues. However it stills not enough! Should be?! I need more!

I admit that I’m greedy and quite often dissatisfied with my salary no matter how much I have. The reason could be because I’m a mere human being who is like U, her, him and everyone who always want to have more and more, more than what can be afford to. U needs to admit this statement. It’s rarely we can find a person who never like “more”. No matter which part in this earth U belongs to, U have this “more” thoughts. But once U adapt to the feeling of “no money to buy”, U will start spending wisely. Like me, in this difficult time of mine especially in fasting month, in a day sometimes I just spend around RM3 – RM9 to buy foods and drinks. If compare to previous year when I still working at my ex-company, the range could be around RM6 – RM15. 

This is great and I think next year no matter how much my salary, I will spend around this year amount also. Got it? When U are familiar with less spending habit, it will naturally grow in yourself regardless of time. Thus money saving is on the way! 

So, back to my story, thinking of the working world, I just don’t understand it yet. This morning, I have some chat with my college. From the chat, I conclude that to rise to the top faster, one must be “close” to boss. But close is not enough. One also must have positive attitude, always doing work by ignoring office politics and self-emotions. High discipline such as coming early to work, no absentees, seldom taking leave are important. Other, excellent integration with team mates, job description and office environment can also add to the points! Oh, ok, it is always be like this in the end – saying is easier than executing it. Yes? No? 

For me to having the mentioned attitude is difficult. Honestly I blamed myself and my ex-company for not providing a good environment to propel further. And now at my new company which I assume is more challenging and offering lots of room to grow, I become hard to adjust myself with it. That is why I usually have no work to be done despite it actually has! The thing is that I need to move my a** by myself! 

I hope that U, the reader, grasps the moral of the story after reading what I have typed. The moral is:
  • Money is surely can’t buy love but without money we can’t buy anything.
  • Try to appreciate what we have in our lives rather than want “more”.
  • How to get promoted to the top quickly?

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