Friday, October 19, 2012

CAREER ADVICE: Continue the Job or not?

We are never ever ever getting back together,
We are never ever ever getting back together,

Somehow this song (by Taylor Swift) fits my emotion right now. Hey, it’s not about breaking apart with someone but it’s about wanting to breaking up with my current messy job in which I believe it leads to unclear future.

Before I work here, I used to work at a Japanese-production Company. The reason why I quit the job was because most of the time I have nothing to do, I mean I have no work. If I do have work, honestly I think the work is for technician / operator level. By the way it is not only me who felt this way. My fellow “engineer” friends also thought the same. We want something valuable that could bring forward to the promising future.

Apart from that, the company itself had been downgraded in many aspects such as poor canteen service, implementation of arguable rules as well as office politics and so whatever that gave me and my friends good enough reasons to leave.

To add to the points, we are still young! Yes. We are young and eager to success. Hoping for a bright future, that’s our aim! So, as the time had come, I left the company.

A Man With the Blue Jumpsuit
Hoping for a fate changes, I accept my current role at my new company. Things are always getting better at the start. LOTS of promises had been SAID by my boss. But he once said to me “Sometimes things are not always go as what we expected to be”. Yes indeed. That’s why now I rather believe LOTS of promises are always painful.

I tried every day to “get into” every single task that being given to me. At the start I felt quite stress because everything is new. Name it electrical stuff, Chinese language and even office environment, all are new to me, on contrary I’m Mechanical Degree and used to work in production floor. It is like a Culture Shock to me. Later on time, as I getting used to this new environment, I feels more excited to learn and continue my adventures at this company. Moreover it is an Oil and Gas Company. However as time slips by, the task I have getting less and even lesser. Even when I post this, I have no job!

I ask U, what would U felt if something like this happened:

     o       U have a boss who “ignores” U and team mates who likes to work alone.
     o       Both of them never “cc” or email U nothing for weeks as if there are no jobs to be done.
     o       But when U approaches both, U learned something happen.
     o       U felt frustrated and abandoned.
     o       A team mate is just a name. In reality he always works alone never compromising U.
     o       Ouch! Is that hurt??
     o       Thinking positive, U tried so hard to follow them. Ask them daily, even ask for emails, etc.
     o       At the end U finally realizes that U are not “worth” to be here.
The conclusion is? Does U have what it takes to be noticed? If no then what it is? Would U consider staying and continually accepting this kind of environment? Well, I see there is no clear future for me ahead. I have been waiting for quite some time. How long will I wait? Only God and I know it. I will just pray for the best. Waiting here in silence but be more active. Yeah.. active until my mind blows up... then there will be no more ME...

Power Meter PM810
Dear readers, I don’t really want to post something like this. I know there are some of U out there who might also working with the same company as me. As U wish, U can think whatever. Your advices are really appreciated by me. And if I hurting your feelings, I’m so sorry, I just need to stretch out my heart content for a while..

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