Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SEAFOOD REVIEW: Fishbone Restaurant @ Shah Alam

Greetings readers!

Early in the morning I am posting some food review for your pleasure. Well, do you like to eat seafood? For me, that is the genre of food that I like so much! Perhaps I rather saying that I can survive if I eat just fish for a month without any chicken or meat. As we know fish has high in protein that keeps you healthy and slim your body down! The best part of fish could be the egg or “telur ikan”. Egg is high in protein as well as fish, so imagine how much the concentration of protein in a single egg fish! Wow I like!!

Snatched from the web. It looks? But the taste? Urghhh!

Nowadays, there are a lot of seafood restaurant can be found surrounding our home isn’t? Some made famous such as Medan Ikan Bakar Umbai, Sekinchan, Pulau Ketam, Medan Ikan Bakar Bagan Lalang, Medan Ikan Bakar Jeram and many more! If you are seafood lover, maybe you also heard about these lists and other places that not mentioned here right?

Now, I would like to introduce to you a seafood restaurant named FISHBONE. I tried it once and the taste is fabulous I can tell you. Actually I bound into this restaurant a couple of times but never try it because of financial matter. So when I got my pay, I dine in there!

Even worth to eat for 3 person

This Siakap masak 3 rasa valued RM32. The price is FIX but guaranteed by the restaurant owner the weight of the fish is equally to the price. When compared to other, the price is not varying too much. Thus it is still acceptable! The taste is good, memang puas hati makan! Hence I recommend to you, the readers to go try it on your own this taste of goodness!

Go to this address:

No B7-2-G, Jalan Pahat H 15/H,
Kompleks Otomobil Shah Alam, Seksyen 15,
40200 Shah Alam Selangor.

* Budget per person ~ RM25 (Fish + Rice + Drinks + Others)
* Open daily 10am – 12 am
* I think reservation is not needed but you should come earlier especially on weekend.



Retu ada tanya kat blog saya pasal Ikan bakar Alai kan?
Sorii... lewat sgt jawab. Tentah u pun dah pegi yer.. Oke, Alai tu mmg dalam kawasan perumahan. Terus je hujung. Dia bukan area pantai, tp cam muara la. Ada byk kedai2 tepi tu. Harap dpt membantu :)

::aMaD:: said...

takpe2.thanks a lot for the info.
baru nak pegi 7 dec ni! =D

Noor Mala Shahar said...

thank you kerana singgah kat blog saya

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