Thursday, November 8, 2012

SUCCESS: How to work with Senior?

Prosper – the name of successive infusion between junior and senior. Junior is the name given to someone immature and inexperience in certain aspects and senior is on contrary. I am obligated to publish this post as some conflict occurs between me and my boss. Not to mention everything, I just want to share to readers on how to work with senior.

Since I entered working world, I have seen that some seniors threat juniors very poor. Bossing around, neglecting ideas and talking harsh are what they did. Some of them are actually have lower qualification than the junior such as poses Diploma only whereas their junior has Degree or even Masters! They felt that since they work longer, they are more expert than junior. Indeed. But I analyzed that for a boss who has only Diploma, their way of thinking is quite inefficient. 

The phase “I know everything but I don’t know how to say” is rightly suits them. For junior, maybe the phase “I know so little but I know how to interpret every single of it into my job” could be correct.

You understand what I mean isn’t? Experience itself cannot drive you further without excellent managing systematically on what you want to achieve. However to be stress here, good education is not a necessity for a good managing thinking. It is all about how genius you are!

Genius people who ROCK the world!

As example see Robert Kuok, the SUGAR KING in Malaysia or more famous, Bill Gates of Microsoft. They all start with so little experience but their attitude propels them to be as success as they are today. Back to topic, to solve the issue, both parties, junior and senior need to combine forces and not doing work by caste. Together they need to blend their ideas and experiences for the sake of the company. Not to say only for company’s benefits but imagine how wonderful workplace it will be if they cooperate!

So readers please respect the seniors but don’t be afraid to flaunting your views. To seniors, consider your junior more frequently as they are needed for the company’s future especially if you are running your own business.

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