Sunday, February 3, 2013

HANSEL AND GRETEL: Hot and beauty!!

It is an under-rated movie, but HANSEL AND GRETEL: THE WITCH HUNTERS is one of really worth of ticket. The movie already in Malaysian cinema for about 3 weeks and is 18PA genre. Let's us not waste any time, a brief synopsis goes like this:

Princess of Persia (Real name: Gemma Arterton) returns! This time she mate with:
Jeremy Renner who played as Hansel.

Together they SLAUGHTERING the bad witches!

"Need to find the missing children in this photos" said Hansel.

Don't be surprise. Beauty doesn't mean she cannot be the witch leader. Really bad girl!

And don't forget, not all witch is evil. This is a kind-heart witch.

But the things is why Hansel and Gretel has to be siblings and not lover?

Not enough to attract you? So click on this trailer!

Ok, FOR YOUR INFORMATION, Hansel & Gretel is not 100% come out from nothing. It is actually a Germany mitos or legend about two siblings who invisible to evil witch and thus their life devoted to hunt those witches. Interesting isn't? For me it is. So go and grab your ticket people!

Rating: 4.1 over 5.0
External link: Wikipedia, IMDB

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