Friday, March 29, 2013

YOU Are A Genius & World Needs Your Contribution

Two man. ONE MISSION. Equipped with the world outrageous inspiration. They left what they earn before just to achieve the dream they have been promised. Together they stood up together, work side by side. Endured all pain in the as*. But as the time goes by, they realize that, what they dreamed for was ACTUALLY futile. Furthermore the future looks dark as the dream that they keep on persevering is living with discrepancies. And after deep monologue, they knew that their talents and ambitions are not for waste. FINALLY they have decided that they must move to a new hope. And here by today, one of them already pursuing his own destiny. Awaits, just one more to make a significant change of his fate.

For all of these to come to pass, they argued this quote for their life:
“choose a job that you LOVE, and you will never have to work a day in your LIFE”

Hi guys! Well said isn’t? Sometimes this blog go personal and emotional. What is there to feel if your partner is going to left you? They story above is what REALLY happened to me and my so call “boss”. We accept the job at our current company because they promise us that both of us will be the KEY person for a department that is going to be established.

Things are always not executed as what it should be – that department will no more exist. We left to a BORING condition. No jobs to do. Every day we just staring at the ceiling and thinking what job can be done? The answer is NO. So my “boss” finally makes his move and today is his LAST DAY. Me? I will follow his step soon. Not to say that I am boring, though I have new responsibilities as I am being transferred to different department, but I believe I am “BUSY” for about 35% of my total work time.

In addition, my salary is not enough for me. Try to think on the bright side, I may end up easily obtain my current pay out if I work in other company. I believe that experience is everything. Yes I DO. But sales department? Oh GOD, I love machines especially accompany with extensive calculations, risky decision makings and dynamic environment. I badly want it. But of course if my current company piling up my salary, maybe I will stay. The problem is if I am the boss, I won’t – “Give me results first and then I would increase it”. Yeah, to give means I need to be committed or in other words, I will be in SALES line forever.

I hope if you read this, U may give some advice to me. But honestly I just want to express my feeling and not begging for reader’s comment. Life is damn if all of them finding FORTUNE at other company while I am being stuck here in my present workplace day dreaming when I can fly happily.

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