Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GWIYOMI: At the Office Pulak Dah

It is a remarkable day today as 21st May 2012 is the date when I firstly joined my current company. During this 1 year tenure, I have been given opportunity to contribute ideas and skills in 3 departments – Project (3 months), Manufacturing (3 months) and now Sales (6 months). Like everyone, there are ups and down in my employment here where most of it was covered with duly, boring and unproductive works. Only GOD knows. On top of that, apart from being in rotated department, here are among the things that I dislike:

I can hear too much “private story” chatting from my desk – ask me, I can tell you everything about them! Yeah I know that every office across the worldwide often experience this circumstance. But there is a LIMIT of what U can tolerate to hear. Especially when the way they talk is annoying, I mean like – gedik or gwiyomi style way of talking. Oh please, how OLD are they?

But the most important would be, is job responsibilities that I carry. If I were given a chance, I would prefer Technical path over Commercial. There is a reason why I studied Engineering Degree during my university-hood. Visit the customer, to court their interest, is not really my type. And of course I know that these are so call preliminary stage that is essential to develop communication credentials. But I would love my job even more if only I been handling a bigger role. Reason? Simply. LEARN MORE.

And oh! The salary? Bonus? Claims? To be sincere, I don’t know if the owner of this company gives a damn care about the worker welfare rather than his own luxurious life? Let say, U spent your own money RM1,000 and the company pay that claim after 3 or worst 5 months! Well dude, are your pocket that heavy to wait for it? At the end of the day, I still thinking of one thing that matter the most – the salary. No matter what, if the pay is high, I am willing to give 100% commitment to the company. Yes, sure I will.

Anyway, happy 1-year-recruitment day for me!

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