Saturday, July 13, 2013

TRICKS: How To Get High Stats In FiFa 2013 (90++)

So you want to get the STRONGEST player for your team? Here is the trick, but I advice you something, please be patient. Why? Because by being patient a bit, the FUN of the game will continues embedded in this most addicted game for Football Fans! OK, before that, this is the OVERALL STATS of my team which is Manchester City FC:

Oh I forgot to mention the age! But the range of the age is 24 - 29, which the youngest is CB with 92 points and oldest is the ST with 93 points. And the most INTERESTING fact is that all the substitute including the reserve squad, the lowest stats is 85! Wait, do you think that you recognize these players? No one in the world recognize the name! This is because all of the players in my team were generated through the YOUTH SYSTEM.

Yeah. One of the BESTTTTTT!


The trick revealed! Yes, all of them are found using the scouting method. If you use this method, not only the player will be cheap to sign, but also when you sell him, you will get a plenty of cash. Forget Neymar, Messi, Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Falcao, Neuer, Gotze, Jovetic and Hummels, this method will surpass them! Lucky COUNTRY that always I found where youth who age is 16 and already have 70 stats mostly from: 


1) Russia - The Best
2) Italy - The Best
3) Germany - The Best
4) Brazil - Not That Hard
5) Argentina - Not That Hard
6) South Korea - Not That Hard
7) Belgium - Not That Hard
8) Portugal - Just Lucky
9) Saudi Arabia - Just Lucky
10) Japan - Just Lucky

Ok, so where is Spain and England? My system is unable to generate good youth player from this country. I don't know about yours? OK, next if you want your youth player stats rise up faster, you need to play them more OFTEN. Sell those players if they are still having stats of lower than 85 and their age is 27+. But don't sell everyone. You need a mix of those 16 aged players with the experience player. If not, you be down by 4-0 when you have match with Barcelona FC and the likes!

Dribble it like MESSI!

Try to keep the player status "Very Happy" or "Happy" all the time and make sure you renew the contract of the potential player earlier. Well, it is hard to explain how do I achieve these most EXCELLENT squad ever. You may need to play it frequently to understand the system.


The year which I obtain these stats is in 2025. So imagine that you need to play for 12 years since now is 2013 only! OK, this is absurd, I never go ONLINE for this FIFA 2013 version. HAHA! So I just match with CPU. By the way, sometimes it is the best just to simulate the match rather than play all matches. And HEY, start your team in Division 3 or Championship League 2 in England.

Hope that will helps!

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