Monday, November 18, 2013

GOOD EVER TIPS: How to Easily Pass Interview as Sales Engineer

Hey all!

As the title said, so you want to be a Sales Engineer huh? Seriously? How bad it is? Well, that is the very first basic of all. WHY DO YOU WANT THE JOB? Let’s not talk about the company or benefit first. Just think about the job. List down your HONEST REASON why do you want the job. Don’t worry it is just you and God know it. Some people want the job because of opportunity to improve your public relationship skills, some want it simply because they can travel a lot. And yours?

The second is, the INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. I have gone to several interviews. Of course some was a success and some was not. But let me share something, the VERY IMPORTANT TIPS to remember during an interview are:


It is not necessary that you must straight away answer the question like reading a text book! Make them feel like you are thinking something, like staring elsewhere a moment, then talk. Of course what you tell them must be carefully thought first. The advantage is, they will impress with your answer and think that you are smart because you think before you say.


Hey, you are in the interview session. Can you at least forget what you going to grab for lunch after this? Or going to meet your close friend? Or maybe what to cook tonight?!! For guys, the worst case would be the interviewer is so damn pretty. HAHA. Now what do you want? A job? Or crush for love at the first sight? Come on, be focus!


Like me, before I start, I will drink some mineral water and shout as loud as I could. It is to ensure that my voice is loud and clear. Apart from that, it can also overcome that nervousness. As a result, I managed to make sure everything I want to tell, is well understood by the interviewers.


Have you ever talked something then finally the end is not related at all to what you are initially trying to say? That is the problem. I advise you that once you said something to the interviewer, no matter how you say, even if your find it deviates too much, try to talk more until the topic always back to your what you have told them earlier.


A typical answer you need to prepare beforehand. How can you convince them that you have what it takes for something that you are not even know? Well, as a rule of thumb, do not lie. If you don’t know tell the truth. But if you think you have something related, go on, and tell them that you are confident that because you are having some experience in it and you can convert it to fulfill the job responsibilities.


Yup. The hardest question so far for me. Good presentation maybe the answer. But how do you tell how good is good? Now explain to them. First of all, you must have connections, then strong product information and the rest, your presentation will be very skillful.

OK, that is all. Actually I am not that good. But I just shared all of my important tips for interview as above. As now I am focus to find Sales job, so that is why. But I believe it is still applicable to the rest of interviews isn’t? Good luck!

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