Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TRANSFORMER 4: Age Of Extinction Release Date

Can't get enough of robots + machines + weapon technology?? Good news! The series of Transformer will be out in cinema soon. It is estimated that this movie which entitled "Age Of Extinction", is set to be release in theater by June/July 2014. And this time, all of the cast are different. Rumors had been said that ONLY Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be in the action!?

The LOGO of the movie

Mark Wahlberg (42 years old)  as Cade Yeager

Nicola Peltz (19 years old) as Tessa Yeager

Jack Reynor (22 years old)  as Shane Dyson

3 Main Characters of the movie

Honestly, I think many agreed that Transformers 3 was bad. So now they bring up no 4? Plus the full cast is not the same as previous. In fact, the NAME of the characters are also different. And sorry guys, no official movie TRAILER has been come out yet. Lastly, for me, PACIFIC RIM was so much better than Transformers. Their Jaeger is 10X bigger than Optimus Prime. Too awesome to be true!

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